Land Line Now Broadcast

Land Line Now will move its entire operation to the Heart of American Trucking Show Friday, Oct. 18, and Saturday, Oct. 19. Here’s some of what we’ll feature:

Getting Noisy with the Newsmakers

Getting Noisy with the Newsmakers
(Shown here: Mark Reddig, center, interviews OOIDA Chief Operating Officer Rod Nofziger, right, as Producer Barry Spillman mans the computer.)

Mark Reddig, Reed Black and Terry Scruton will talk with everyone from federal officials and the folks from DC to the truckers themselves. In addition, the final show will come together on site, so you can watch the entire process – although we wouldn’t want you to hang with us all day and miss the truck show, because, after all, that is kind of the point of you being there.

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain
(Shown here: A recent recording session for Land Line Now using the Pro Tools recording system.)

Well, actually, you should. He’s our producer and senior sound engineer, Barry Spillman, and along with Second Engineer James Fetzer, he takes raw sound and works a little magic. At the Heart of America Trucking Show, a big-screen TV behind the main interview table will show folks how Barry weaves some high-tech magic to record interviews and then transform them into the trademark Land Line Now sound. And for those who are interested in how we do what we do, Barry and others from our staff will be on hand to explain what’s going on.

Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet
(Shown here: OOIDA member Danny Schnautz stops by to see Mark Reddig at the recent Great American Trucking Show. We are not certain of Danny’s singing abilities at this time.)

At the end of every episode of “The Beverly Hillbillies,” the voice of Jerry Scroggins urges, “Y’all come back now, hear?” Members of the Land Line Now staff will be on hand much of the show for folks who stop by to say hi. Truck shows are one of the few places we get to meet our listeners face to face, so we make the most of it. And yes, we do encourage you all to come back. We just can’t sing like Jerry.

Reporters at Large

All of our news people will wonder the grounds of the Heart of America Truck Show both afternoons watching what’s going on, talking with people and gathering interviews for stories. So if you see a microphone coming your way, don’t duck – just talk. (Seriously, you are safe, because we don’t throw those; they are very delicate and can break easily. And we are pretty sure that if they do, it will come out of our checks.)

The Land Line Now Mobile Newsroom

News Anchor Reed Black and Second Engineer James Fetzer will be on site in our mobile newsroom, preparing our daily newscast (Hey, it’s hard to focus on what’s going on in the world when 10,000 of your close friends stop by for a chat). Later each day, after the news is ready, they’ll join us at the booth.

General Information

Our traffic coordinator, Teneille Leach, will be on hand to help us keep things organized and to help get you to any information you need.